Domus Development LLC delivers creative solutions for middle market senior housing 

Domus Development LLC

With demand for affordable middle-income senior housing expected to rise sharply in 10 years, housing industry innovations are needed more than ever.  The middle-income senior is the largest  cohort of seniors and is expected to nearly double by 2029 to more than 14 million.

”Today’s housing stock simply cannot accommodate the influx of middle-income seniors projected to need senior housing within 10 years,” said Beth Burnham Mace, chief economist at NIC which supported the study.

“Making seniors housing accessible to more middle-income seniors in the next decade requires innovation by real estate developers, owners, operators, and investors to create and deliver affordable, quality options.”

The team at Domus Development LLC has spent the last nine years perfecting an elegantly designed, amenity-rich, luxury multifamily model that has led the student housing industry. Recognizing that 70% of seniors in the United States fit this middle market demographic, Domus Development LLC saw the need for creativity in design and cost. This middle-income segment of the population have raised their children, they no longer want the big house or the big yard, are physically active and on the go with a desire to pursue their dreams whether that be travel, visiting kids and grandkids, new hobbies or the arts. They desire top of the line amenities, a safe and fun place to live, a sense of community, innovative technology and the ability to lock the door and go.

“This is an exciting time,” said Eric Jakimier, President of Domus Development, LLC. “Nothing makes us happier than to do the work we love and at the same time help to solve a huge need in the senior housing industry. Private and public sectors must work together to develop financing and housing solutions for this senior middle-market. This is where Domus Development LLC shines. We are skilled professionals with a creative flair for assembling the right teams to bring these amenity-rich and affordable senior housing projects to fruition.”