We believe in creative thinking and challenging the status quo. We believe when we consistently elevate our own standards, that we encourage others around us to also strive higher. One way we strive higher is by creating and managing beautifully-designed, enhanced senior housing communities, student housing communities and specialized multifamily communities.

Strategic locations. Fun places to live. Amenity-rich. A place to grow.

Where do you want to live?

Since inception in 2010, Dallas-based Domus Development LLC has specialized in bringing luxury housing projects to secondary and tertiary markets across the United States. To date, the company has delivered multifamily projects valued at over $180 million.

The new construction/design/development and construction management firm focuses on creating community on both the micro and macro levels by building unique multifamily communities with amenity-rich, affordable housing options.

Mustang Ranch
Eric Jakimier

“At Domus Development LLC, we encourage creative thinking and continuous improvement. There is no higher compliment than to continuously be invited back to build more multifamily projects and manage more multifamily assets. For this, we are grateful and encouraged to continually strive higher.” Eric Jakimier, Founder, President of Development, Domus Development LLC

Beginning as student housing owners/developers, the team at Domus Development LLC perfected its expertise in the student housing space to grow into a full-service student housing firm serving the needs of investors and third-party owners. Domus continually strives higher to add value for each resident, property and community it touches.

In 2015, Domus expanded into property management and currently manages 1,064 units/2,488 beds across four states through the asset management division, Domus Student Living, with another 1598 units/3,808 beds under development.  In 2019, the firm responded to increased demand and now offers third party property management. The firm’s Property Management and Development divisions seamlessly work together to deliver high-end, amenity-rich multifamily communities that enhance the living experience and greater community stewardship.

In 2019, Domus Development LLC recognized the growing needs of middle-income seniors that desire a fun place to live that requires no maintenance, is amenity-rich and cost effective. There are very few housing options for the 70% of seniors who are looking for a lifestyle change in the United States today.

By 2030, there will be 72 million Americans over the age of 65 and 9 million over the age of 85. There are more centurions alive today that ever before as modern medicine and better health allow us to live longer more vibrant lives. 10,000 Americans turn 65 everyday and many of them have not prepared financially for retirement. This burgeoning cohort needs a stylish, dignified and appropriate place to live during this transitional season in their lives. Domus Development LLC is well-suited to the task of creating unique solutions for this market.

Domus offers creative development services emphasizing function and style in the student housing and over-55 senior housing markets. The Domus team tailors each property to its specific market and differentiates it through creative and purposeful design with the goal to bring luxury amenities and services to Tier 2 and mid-markets, providing foundational support for students as well as active seniors to thrive and grow.

The company’s training is focused on efficient property management with purposeful, personal resident engagement to cultivate a true sense of home and community. To that end, property management efforts at Domus routinely include sponsoring resident functions such as crawfish boils, grocery bingo, holiday giveaways, food drives for local food pantries, and pet-focused activities. Domus also strives to create a larger sense of community for its residents by encouraging and partnering with local businesses to sponsor activities and events.

Mark Sullivan

“We strive higher by creating and managing beautifully-designed multifamily housing communities. Strategically placed, amenity-rich, fun places to live and grow. It’s always a unique challenge to fit the creative development puzzle together in a way that benefits residents, local leadership, investors and the overall community at large. We become an active part of every city that we build in and we take that responsibility to heart.” – Marc Sullivan, Vice President of Development, Domus Development LLC